We specialize in n=1 experiments

We aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of place. The saying goes, if you know one autistic, you know one autistic.

We have worked hard to find ways to support and accommodate ourselves, but we know that we, too, are just another n=1 experiment and what works for us might not work as well for you.

We want all autistic entrepreneurs to find what we’ve found. Because it matters.
Because I matter. Because you matter. Because supporting our differences makes a world of difference in how running your own business goes.

Here’s what we do.

1. Making a List:​

We provide a Prioritized list of functional areas to address. We look at a combination of self-reported executive functioning, entrepreneur skills, and personal life management that together paint a picture of what skills could be developed of your own, what skills need someone to help coach you, and what skills need to be hired for.

2. Ongoing Coaching:

This is a 6-month endeavor together. We use a curriculum called Younique that is incredibly insightful for collecting data about yourself, interpreting it, and applying it to life and business. This, layered in with results from our initial quiz, moves an entrepreneur from surviving to reviving and then to thriving.

3. Expanding your Toolbox

These are working sessions where we experiment and problem solve together. We all have great tools in our toolbox, this is where we come alongside and help you maximize every square millimeter of your existing toolbox and add new tools to it.​

We Understand.....

There is a certain type of beauty in being one-of-a-kind. It also means there is very little out there that will precisely meet our needs right out of the box.

It might even be that you don’t know what your needs are yet because the worlds we’ve tried to work in don’t allow us the space to simply figure that out and now you’re out on your own trying to run a business and it’s taking all your energy today.

Running a business is like wearing 19 hats all at one time.

Imagine running a business where you have the help you need, the support you need, the tools you need, the community you need, and being driven and purposeful in what you set out to do through your business.

Making that happen is what we’d like to help you do.

From a place of hope, with delight, for impact.

— The Autistic Entrepreneur

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